Publications, Talks & Software by Olaf O. Storaasli

- 2021
6-8 Hampton VA, NASA Langley Alumni Association
2-26 Knoxville TN, Mars Landing interview
1-7 Knoxville TN, Vaccine Study Interview
- 2020
10-16 Hampton VA, NASA Langley AIAA
- 2019-20
Oak Ridge TN ORNL & Y-12 Conduct Official Tours
- 2018
Nov 8, Vermillion SD University of South Dakota
SUPERcomputers, Analysis & NASA Missions+Viking video
- 2017
Apr 26, London UK Imperial College
SUPERcomputers, Analysis & NASA Missions+Viking videoo
- 2016
Sep 27 Belfast UK, Oct 11 Trondheim Norway
Queen's University, SUPERcomputers, Analysis & NASA Missions
NTNU, SUPERcomputers, Analysis & NASA Missions
- 2015
Feb 19 Annapolis MD, Feb 9 Knoxville TN
U.S. Naval Academy, SUPERcomputers, Past, Present & Future
Knoxville Technical Society, SUPERcomputers, Past, Present & Future
- 2014
J. App. Prac. & Process Vol. 15
A Computational Scientist's Perspective on Appellate Technology
- 2010-2014 CLASSIFIED Pubs & Talks
- 2013
DoE/USEC cleared
May 22 Oslo, Norway
Sintef: High-Performance Computing: Past, Present & Future
Det Norske Veritas: High-Performance Computing: Past, Present & Future
May 18 Goteborg Sweden Synective Labs
High-Performance Computing: Past, Present & Future
May 14 Stockholm Sweden KTH
High-Performance Computing: Past, Present & Future
May 13 Goteborg Sweden Chalmers University
High-Performance Computing: Past, Present & Future
- 2010
Heterogeneous Computing, Scientific Programming 18 1-33 IOS Press
- 2009
Nov 14-20 SC09HPC Accelerator Research SC09, Portland OR
Oct 29 Computer Science SeminarHPC at ORNL UofM, Mpls MN
Oct 15 Math/CS Colloquium HPC at ORNL Concordia College MN
Oct 15 CS SeminarHPC at ORNL NDSU, Fargo ND
Oct 1 CS Colloquium HPC at ORNL Univ of Alberta, Edmonton AB
Sept 28 CS Seminar HPC at ORNL Univ of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon SK
May 4-7 Cray Uses Group Beyond 100X FPGA Speedup CNN Omni, Atlanta GA
Apr 20-22 HPC User Forum FPGA Acceleration: 3 Generations Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke VA
Feb 13 CS Colloquium 10:30am E&CS Auditrium ODU, Norfolk VA
Feb 9 NASA Seminar 117 Reid Conference Center NASA, Hampton VA
- 2008:
Dec 9-11 LDRD Posters LDRD Poster Main Street, ORNL.
Nov 17 HPRCTA08 HPRCTA08 SC08 Workshop Austin, TX.
Nov 17-20 OpenFPGAOpenFPGA Booth @ SC08 Austin, TX.
Nov 17-20 SC08 FPGA@ORNLSC08 Booth Austin, TX.
Nov 7 ORNL Biotech Meeting Oak Ridge TN.
July 7-10 RSSI08 Reconfigurable Systems Institute Urbana, IL.
May 26 Technical Univ Acclerating Genome Sequencing 100-1000X with FPGAs Budapest, Hungary.
May 19 DNV-HPC Future HPC Codes to new HPCs Oslo, Norway
May 13-16 PARA08 Scientific & // Computing SOA Trondeim, Norway.
May 5-8 CUG08 : Cray Users Group Helsinki, Finland.
Apr 4-May 2 EPCC 64 FPGA Maxwell Supercomputer Edinburgh Univ UK.
Apr 1-3 MRSC08 Reconfigurable Supercomputing Conf. Belfast, UK.
Mar 12-14 SIAM-PP MiniSymposium Atlanta, GA.
before 2008

GPS General-Purpose Solver for systems of Matrix Equations.
VSS Vector Sparse Solver for systems of Matrix Equations.
EIG General-Purpose Eigensolver - vibration modes & frequencies.

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