Oak Ridge Labs Past & Future

from Olaf's ORNL+AMSE Manhattan Project Bus Tours* => Refs

Who? Einstein FDR letter Excerpts Groves+Oppenheimer
What? Overview ORNL History+notes
Where? McKellar Oak Ridge Maps/VTours Los Alamos Hanford
When? Dec 28 1942 - Aug 14 1945 = 2yrs 8mo
How? X10 Gr Reactor Bombs Computers => Frontier#1 Try iPhone App!
Y-12 Lawrence+Uncle made 1024 20' Calutrons of Ag K-25
Why? German D2O Bomb Peace - End WW2 HFIR Isotopes
Interested? Be an ORNL Intern Keith's amazing 4 careers!

*Thanks ORNL+David Keim, Eric Abelquist, Ray Smith, AMSE+Norm Dobbs,...
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