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LaRC Hall of Honor

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The Langley Alumni Association and the NASA Langley Research Center partnered
to develop a Hall of Honor (HoH), to provide a way to honor distinguished LaRC 
researchers and managers for their exemplary careers & contributions to NACA, 
NASA and the nation in the pursuit of revolutionary scientific understanding 
& technological progress on the frontiers of aerospace sciences. The HoH also
provides a focused opportunity for the local aerospace community to reflect on
the contributions of these notable individuals who made enduring impacts on
aerospace technologies. A Langley Research Center NACA and NASA HoH Committee 
receive & evaluates nominees & selects Honorees to be inducted into the Hall of
Honor. This process is conducted by the HoH Committee per a Memorandum of 
Understanding with the LaRC & the Langley Alumni Association, January 11, 2016.

The culmination of these early efforts was the Class of 2015 Hall of Honor 
Induction Ceremony held at NASA Langley on August 13, 2015 when 19 inductees
were honored. Details & photos of the ceremony follow:
1. Class of 2015 with names & photos, now includes the Class of 2017
2. Description of the 2015 Ceremony with photos & citations.
3. Photos (53) & Views (118) of the attendees.
The Second induction ceremony was held Thursday, June 1, 2017, as part of NASA's Centennial Celebration. Information on both the 2015 & 2017 Classes are here. The LAA & LaRC Agreement suggests selecting new Honorees every 5 years. Plans for the next Class of 2022 are underway for the summer of 2022. A new nomination form with instructions will be posted on this LAA WebSite week 1 of Sept 2021. Current members of the HoH selection team are: Ira Abbott, LAA Zachary Applin, LaRC Rob Calloway, LAA Joseph Chambers, LAA Fay Collier, LaRC Christine Darden, LAA Michelle Ferebee, LaRC Guillermo Gonzalez, LaRC Gail Langevin, LaRC Duncan McIver, LAA Dave Throckmorton, LAA Bo Walkley, LAA

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