The Langley Alumni Association Monthly Meetings feature interesting programs with excellent speakers.
This year's theme is "Life after Langley" (LAL). Click Presenter/Subject to view slides/video.
We began 2021 with Zoom meetings but hope to return to NASA Cafeteria's NACA Room soon.



Date Presenter Subject

Jan 12 Executive Committee Board Business
Feb 9 Steve Miller LAL: Mid-Career Move
Mar 9 Alisha Hamel Transportation Museum
Apr 13 Dr. Mujeeb Malik NASA CFD Vision 2030
May 11 Dr. Dilip Sarkar Best Health Practices, Yoga
June 8 Dr. Olaf Storaasli LAL: Supercomputing Research
July 13 Geoff Tennille LAL: World travels
Aug 10 Mariners Museum Shady Ladies (Pirates)
Sep 14 Picnic Getting back together again
Oct 12 Dave Reubush LAL: African Safaris
Nov 9 Dr.Roger Crouch Microgravity Research
Dec 14 Winter Luncheon Venue TBD

2020 PROGRAMS+Ed Prior slides

Ongoing Activities

LAA works closely with NASA Langley's Liason, Melanie Robinson, 757-864-2660.

Langley"s NACA-NASA Hall of Honor is a key LAA-LaRC partnership to honor LaRC pioneers
with a permanent display of LaRC Honorees in Langley's Cafeteria's NACA Room

The Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame seeks Nominees.

Since 2019 the LAA ad hoc committee, Langley Retiree Knowledge Capture, aims to tap retirees vast
experience & expertise for Langley, other Centers & outside organizations. Marilyn Ogburn (POC),
Dan Palumbo & Wayne Richie who lead activities & report progress to the Board, welcome ideas.
Colloquium & Sigma Lectures – Members can view via WebEx NASA Langley's monthly 2pm Colloquia Lectures (Reid Ctr)
& similar 7:30pm Sigma Lectures (VASC).

See NASA Langley Activities, Public Cultural Resources & Federal Employee Health Benefits.

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